8 Ways to Make Money With Your Cell Phone

  • These ways to make money with your phone aren’t necessarily a way to earn a real living, but, if used sensibility, they can help you recoup some of the cost of your cell phone bill and maybe put a few dollars in your pocket.

    As with other micro jobs, the idea behind these apps is to make extra money, so be careful that you don’t actually lose money. Read these Pitfalls of Money-Making Apps first, then try out the ones that look good for you.

    This article lays out the details of each ofMORE

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    • Type of program: Task-oriented crowdsourcing, a.k.a micro labor website
      Technical requirements: iPhone only
      Locations: United States, though availability of shifts in certain areas may be limited
      How it works: Download the app; create an account and start accepting “shifts.” You earn points as you successfully complete shifts and then gain access to better-paying assignments. The types of jobs this crowdsourcing company offers tend to be for consumer brands looking to track their products, so photosMORE

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    Type of program: Task-oriented crowdsourcing
    Technical requirements: iPhone
    Locations: United States, Canada, Norway, and Australia
    How it works: Agents download the app, choose a job and then must complete it within two hours. Agents are awarded points for acceptable completions and lose a point for unacceptable or uncompleted jobs. Jobs might include price checks with photo and/or barcode scan mystery shopping, surveys, product reviews, polls, verifying business locations, taking photos, brochureMORE

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      Type of program: Mobile rewards
      Technical requirements: Available for more than 300 mobile carriers, including AT&T and Verizon.
      Locations: More than 100 countries
      How it works: Install its “mobile performance meter” and earn gift cards
      How it pays: Gift cards
      Bottom line: Users install the app from Google Play and those in the United States earn gift cards from places like Amazon, Domino’s Pizza, and Dell. Outside the United States, the points can be traded for mobile airtime. This is notMORE

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      Type of program: Task-oriented crowdsourcing
      Technical requirements: iPhone (Android app is planned.)
      Locations: More than 6,000 cities in the United States
      How it works: People log on and find “gigs” or tasks. These tasks can be almost anything but some of the typical ones are price checks, app testing, data verification, taking photos, mystery shopping, surveys, etc. They apply for these tasks to the client seeking the work and, if selected, submit the work. They receive feedback from themMORE

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      Type of program: Surveys
      Technical requirements: iPhone, and Android platforms
      Locations: United States, though there may be some international surveys available from time to time
      How it works: Download the free app; fill out the profile with information such as such as your name, address, gender, birthday and employment status. You will then be contacted by email, push notifications or phone to participate in surveys that match your profile.
      How it pays: Pays in reward points, which can be redeemedMORE

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      Type of program: Social media advertising
      Technical requirements: iPhone and Android with social media accounts on Twitter, Tumblr, and/or YouTube
      Locations: Anywhere
      How it works: Set up an account at my likes and link it to your social media accounts. Next, choose from the campaigns my likes lists as relevant to your social media profile and share that text or video link. The number of links you can post per day is limited to a “few times.”
      How it pays: Pays cash in PayPal account or with Amazon giftMORE

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      Type of program: Shopping rewards program
      Technical requirements: iPhone or Android smartphone
      Locations: United States
      How it works: Collect “kicks” or points when you simply enter stores, such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Crate & Barrel, Old Navy, Toys’R’Us and Exxon and Mobil convenience stores. Using the GPS on your smartphone it knows your location and sends appropriate offers. Scan barcodes for additional points and even more points when you make purchases, though to earn points byMORE

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      Type of program: Loyalty/rewards program
      Technical requirements: Android and Apple devices (including tablets)
      Locations: Legal residents of the United States including Puerto Rico
      How it works: Use your smartphone to log your TV-watching hours and be paid for it. When you log in to Viggle, it records the audio and identifies the TV show. While points are rewarded for any TV viewing up to 12 hours per day, it’s the Viggle-sponsored ones that earn the most points. Users also get points by.

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