How To Earn Money With UC News By Becoming Publisher

How To Earn Money With UC News By Becoming Publisher

Tired of making real money? irritated at your office works? scammed of online money making sites? If these statements belong to you here is a good news to make money in your interests. Yes, now your dream of making money in online will be simpler and safer with UC news. Now you can turn into UC news reporter and earn money with UC news for writing your interest based news.

You get paid for submitting news articles to UC news and you get monetized with ads on your news. Joining UC news is just a simple process with the filling of the registration form and then verify your account.

What should you do to earn money?

To get paid for UC news, you need to submit fresh and interesting news to UC news platform. You can submit any kind of news which interests the public like local news, political, entertainment, interesting facts and etc.., You should publish the news in order to get paid.

How to SignUp for UC news?

  1. You can sign up through my link.
  2. Fill in the details and complete the registration process.
  3. Verify your mail address with the confirmation link.
  4. Approval process may take about 1-2 days
  5. After receiving confirmation from UC news you can log into your dashboard.

Approval of News:

After logging into your dashboard publish the news which may take some time for the review process and once it got published you get a green color mark in your post.(UC news doesn’t allow some type of news which annoys its terms and conditions policy)

News which disturbs its policy terms will be suspended by indicating with a red mark and orange indicates for pending review.

Monetizing your news:

To monetize your news firstly you should enable Ad monetization to place the ads. To show ads on your news it has the following policies

  1. You should be a registered user for at least 7 days.
  2. At least one of your article should get 2000 views.

Tip of the Topic:

For the people who are dreaming of making money from home will be most benefited by UC news. The more interesting news you publish the more you get paid for your work. You can earn money with UC news as a publisher by which your article will be delivered to millions of readers.

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